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About Us
A Semiconductor Capitol Equipement Manufacturer

Company History

The Company was established in October 2005 as Poongsan Corp. CA Branch to expand into semiconductor capital equipment.  In April 2017, the Company was acquired & renamed to HPSP CO., LTD.

High pressure oxidation was originally introduced by GaSonics in the 1980’s.  In 2005, the Company saw an opportunity to leverage this technology and develop the unique HPAP technology that is the heart of its main product today, the GENI, GENI-SYS, and GENI-SE systems.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, the Company directs its focus toward addressing high pressure annealing and oxidation of advanced semiconductor wafer processes at 20nm, and smaller, architectures.

Important joint development programs for HPAP are in place, and will continue, with IMEC and Sematech to continue research and development in this area.
Customer Benefits
§Low thermal process temperatures below 450°C to manage the thermal budget

§ Simplifying process steps to reduce wafer cycle time and manufacturing cost

§ Reducing interface trap defects to improve mobility

§ Reducing leakage current Ioff

§ Reducing CMOS image sensor dark field defect

§ Replacing current atmospheric forming gas (FG) post metallization annealing (PMA) process

§ Platform extendible and ready for future device scaling targets


Product Service & Support


HPSP GPS Group and our Qualified Service Partners support our products at various customer locations internationally. Along with support for Poongsan products; we also support, refurbish, and sell underutilized or unwanted GsSonics VHP tools.


GaSonics introduced high pressure wafer oxidation systems to the industry. HPSP can support your reliable GaSonics VHP product in the field by providing upgrades, or remanufacturing and re-tooling.


We adhere to the highest equipment refurbishment standards, following all GaSonics documentation and procedures for the rebuild process. We also use qualified GaSonics parts and services in our rebuilds.


We provide parts, parts repair or exchange, and install support for GaSonics VHP systems.


We can help… Contact us today to discuss your service needs or to request a price quote.





HPSP CO. LTD. CA Branch is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and  providing a healthy and safe workplace for all its employees as well as safe products and services for its customers.  Poongsan will comply with all legal obligations in each of the jurisdictions where it operates. 



Energy Usage / GHG

Follow industry goals set for GHG emissions.  This goal will be achieved by reducing electricity usage.  Employees are instructed to turn off lights, computers, appliances, and equipment whenever possible.


Material Usage and Disposal

A goal has been set to reduce usage of lab materials (hairnets, shoe covers, and gloves) by 5% by 2018.  This will be achieved by instructing employees to reuse these materials when possible.  Measurement and reduction will be normalized to number of units produced.


Risk of Injury During Product Assembly

It is Poongsan’s goal to have an injury free workplace.  However, records of injuries and near misses will be kept per Cal OSHA’s requirements. 




HPSP is free of any regulatory fines or penalties related to environmental, health and safe workplace aspects of its business operation.